Recently freeview upgraded on our tv (Samsung Series 6) automatically.  I can't get rid of the mini guide.  It had an option before the upgrade to turn it off but that's disappeared.

The mini guide is soooooooooo frustrating, if there is any text on the programme at the bottom of the screen you can't see it (ie 'The Chase' questions and answers). I like to channel-surf to avoid ads so this thing comes up at every channel change.  Sometimes it doesn't comes up straight away but alas! it comes up late when you've already been settled on the channel for 10 seconds.

I have gone in to the settings and changed the timeout to the least amount of seconds but there is no option to turn it off completely.

I don't need a constant, interrupting visual reminder of what I'm watching and what I could possibly watching next as I have the main guide that I scroll through to see what's on.

I know this annoys a lot of other people too and freeview also know it, therefore it should be standard to be able to turn the feature off completely.

Can anyone help with this....is there a way it can be turned off completely?

Thanks, Linda

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Hi Linda, 

Please send feedback to the Freeview team here, as they would love to hear your suggestion about the mini guide, https://freeviewnz.tv/support/contact-us/new_freeviewod_feedback/


I have the same problem.  LG TV.

Very frustrating.  It's basically unwatchable.

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