Hello everyone,

This is my post here.

I have a Veon 32 inch with built in freeview. Couple of days ago, while I was watching the TV, the signal just died, all of the channels were gone.

Initially I assumed may be it's heavily cloudy outside, but it was perfectly clear. So I tried to do the auto-search again. Nothing, all in vain.

I thought my UHF antenna may be faulty, so got a new one. Same result.

Has anyone experienced anything similar. Is there any solution to this or is my TV just a monitor now.

Got it second hand, so no warranty. But had been using it for at least 3 months.

Any help much appreciated.


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Any ideas, any one, please?


Thanks for replying.

I don't understand. Do you mean I should check cables? There is only one cable involved, antenna's, and it's fine. Or at least the new antenna I purchased would have worked.

willis said:


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