A fortnight ago we suddenly lost freeview reception to our main (downstairs) TV. The upstairs TV has been getting a bit patchy too -- it got to the stage where we could get ch 1 and 2 upstairs and 3 and 4 downstairs. Have tried numerous retunes, checked terminals (now replaced with gold-plated), moved sets from room to room and bypassed the splitter. Checked the antenna this weekend which is about 6 years old -- terminal connected is fine but some of the aluminium elements are slightly corroded. We have direct line-of-sight to the Hutt Valley Fitzherbert transmittter. Has anybody got any further suggestions as to what might be causing this? Is it likely to be the antenna or are there other possibilities?

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Was new cable installed at the same time as the antenna, if so possible 4G interference

Hi John, no the coax cable was already in the house when we brought it. The only new length of cable is from the rooftop antenna to the splitter in the roofspace.

Strangely enough the upstairs TV is working fine now, downstairs we get good picture and sound for Maori TV (all 8 available channels). Select any channel and it flicks back to Maori. Last week it was Al Jazeera....

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