Online guide is blank from 21-October onwards

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Was this resolved?
Is it covered here?

I did have an issue with missing or incomplete EPG info on my recordings over two weeks. I just thought it was my DVR getting old, then something I found on the internet suggested a retune. Turned out this was the worst thing to do, I then lost TVNZ1 and 2, my most watched channels completely. Then I found the network status page, and it said on there that there was a fault in my region, with a temporary fix in place. I guess retuning destroyed the temporary fix for me. Then my smart TV which had been working from the same aerial suddenly lost the same channels, I guess it saw something different and did an auto retune. Must turn that setting off.

The other thing I did was I emailed Freeview support NZ, to tell them the temporary fix wasn’t working for me. That was the night before channels went off on my TV. Now I never got a reply to my email like they said I would, but within half a day of sending my email, the issue was fixed, and the network status page updated to say it was fixed, which seems a little too much to be coincidence.

Contact them here.

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See Network Status page for updates.

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