The EPG ex Mt Cargill is incorrect. It shows channels like Panda TV (only available in Auckland) but not Ch 39 the local channel. 


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getting panda tv epg in hawkes bay but no pix
ch 33 all ok

Try a retune and see how this goes. 


I did a re-scan at 9.30 pm Thursday. The EPG still shows Ch 37 Panda TV which does not play here. Ch 39 the local Dunedin channel does not appear on the EPG. 


Ch 39 Dunedin's local channel was off-air for some time. The local newspaper said that the transmitter was unable to send a signal to some TV brands including Sony, Samsung and Panasonic. Technicians worked on the transmitter and it now broadcasts to those TVs again. I wonder if the Panda TV instead of Ch 39 EPG fault is a legacy of that break in transmission ? (I have a Sony TV.)


Hi Greg, are you able to confirm if you are watching on an approved device? Like a Freeview Approved Set Top Box or TV?


I am watching on a Sony TV model:KDL 32W600A LED - purchased 25 Nov 2009


Have you updated the firmware of the TV? 

Drivers and Software updates for KDL-32W600A | Sony NZ

Compare against the current firmware and follow SONY's instructions on how to load it into your TV. Seeing as you might have older software which may not update network settings. 

Let me know how you go


No, I will not be updating the firmware. I can live with the EPG displaying Panda TV and not the local channel. I feel sorry for viewers trying to find Ch 39 without the help of the EPG though. 



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