Is there any DTVS experts out there? I was wondering if this model is still supported. My DTVS-1B most nights, turns itself on (from standby). I thought this might be an "automatic s/w update" but there is nothing in the menus suggesting that function is available. There is a manual s/w update in the Accessories. When I search for an upgrade from air, it does not find anything. The last version was Feb 2011.

I have done a factory default and re scanned.

The box still functions great other than losing the digital clock with it comes out of standby.

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Hi Graeme,

The DTVS-1B is designed to wake itself up and search for software updates at 3AM and then go back to sleep. It has been like that since it was created. Last software version is version 0257. You can contact me at DTV Solutions to see if there is a workaround.

Anil Hari

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