I just bought a T2100 and I can't get  a WiFi internet connection.

I can connect to my WiFi network, DHCP gives me an IP and I can see my DNS addresses, but the Internet connection is always "unavailable".

I contacted the AerialBox people and they said update the firmware, so I did that but the issue remains.

Does anyone know what IP the box is trying to get to? (in NZ) Perhaps I can check the connection from my PC

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Have you tried resetting the modem? 


Yes - but non of my other devices (Smart TV, phones, Kindles, laptop, PC) have any trouble connecting to the internet via WiFi. It isn't my connection, or my network. It appears to be a problem with the box.

Now I am using DNS filtering via my router, which is why it would be useful to know the IP / server address the box is trying to reach. I can then use the PC to check if it is being blocked. (I can get all the TVOnDemand content via my PC and Smart TV though - does FreeviewPlus not use the same servers?)

I had the same trouble with 2 different boxes and I found an ethernet cable worked alot better than wifi

David Lipscombe said:

I had the same trouble with 2 different boxes and I found an ethernet cable worked alot better than wifi

That's not particularly practical for an upstairs TV - I bought this unit because it had WiFi. i could get a ethernet-over-power adapter, but I'd rather know why the internet doesn't "work" (the Wifi connection itself is good 99-100%)

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