Can anyone help with Prime retune on this machine?  Reinstall, get 4 carriers on the Optus 1 satellite, end up with all freeview except Prime.  Seem to remember I need to change one of the vertical or horizontal settings

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Hi Paul

Please follow these instructions: 

  1. Press Menu
  2. Then head to Installation
  3. Manual Search 
  4. TP Frequency - Enter in 12519 
  5. Horizontal
  6. Sybol Rate: 22500
  7. FEC: Auto 
  8. Type: FTA or FREE

I hope this helps

Regards, Josh

Sadly this comes up with Service not Collected

Hi Paul

Is there a blind scan option? If you complete a Blind Scan it will grab Prime and the other channels and add it the box, 


Paul Collins said:

Sadly this comes up with Service not Collected

This may work

Follow these steps to reload Prime TV
1. Press the MENU button on your remote control. Select Installation and press OK
2. From the Installation menu select Program Satellites and Press OK
3. Press the down arrow to scroll down below DiSEqC settings
4. Select Program Type and press the right arrow until Free‐to‐Air is selected.
5. Press the Yellow button to start the scan process. This process will take 2‐3 minutes to complete.
6. Once the scan process is completed you will be prompted to save the changes.
7. Press Ok to save the newly scanned channels.
You can organize the channels now if you wish.


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