My free view channels are mixed up. Tv1,2,3 are fine. However after that we go down the list of channels. If we click on TVNZ plus 1 …we get Duke.    So I went down to duke channel, clicked on that and the channel is TV3plus 1.    So I scanned all the channels again and they are the same. I am running through ‘DishTV so that we can record.


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It sounds like you are looking at an old listing of channels. They changed the order of them sometime ago.

This link has a list of the stations and the channel numbers that Freeview now use.

I tried connecting the ‘DishTV to internet to see if there is an update, but it won’t connect. There is an option to do a manual search. Maybe I should try that.

If your TV remote goes to Duke when you press 6 and to TVNZ+1 when you press 11 then everything is working.

If that doesn't work, I would try an automatic scan for channels, that is a retune. I don't know what it would be called on your TV or the DishTV - You do not need to connect the DIshTV to the internet. The update for the channels comes via the aerial or the satellite dish.

Thanks for that.
So I tried pushing 6 and it went to Duke. So that is fine. I opened the mheg epg which shows description of the channel you are on. This is also Duke.
However when I open ‘weekly epg’ (seven channels on the page), the channel I am on (Duke) is labeled TVNZ plus1.
I always use weekly epg to look down multiple channels, but as above some labels are mixed up.

See photo. The highlighted channel is Duke.  Yet it is labeled as tvnz+1


In that case I suggest to retune the TV

I go through the DishTV recorder though so I can record programmes. 

Then I think you will need to retune the Dish TV, I don't know what model you have there may be instructions here

Or you can ring them on 0800 3474 88 but I expect they won't be in till Thursday or even till after the New Year holidays.

Thanks James for taking the time to reply and help. I appreciate it a lot. Yes, I tuned the unit twice, but still the same. I can’t get on internet where I am and wondering if it needs updating. T2200 I think. So I have emailed them and see if they respond. Cheers. Thanks again.

I would say that it is likely you need a firmware update. It looks like you need an Internet connection to do this.

I got this reply.  I have no idea what it means, but I am guessing they are saying due to it being an older machine, they don’t support it any more.  

 Reply: “Unlike the Mheg guide or the HBBTV guide the weekly guide does not get updated dynamically. This guide needs a software update due to the Mheg or hbbtv guide being primary we will only look at including fixes for the weekly guide if a major update is required for these models in the future due to the cost of releasing an update on one of our older platforms.”

I think you are right. Time to buy a new model??

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