Can I watch the internet through my freeview satellite dishtv S7070r?

I have just purchased a Freeview Satellite S7070r. Can I connect a HDMI cable from my computer to the HDMI port on the satbox to enable me to watch the internet (for example Youtube) on a bigger screen?

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Hi Mark, you should connect the HDMI cable between your computer and your TV!

Hi Bel, thanks for your assistance but at the moment my tv is an old analogue one! It does not have the connection for HDMI. That is why i was asking can I run a HDMI cable from the computer to the satbox.

Hi Mark 

Nope the satbox can't do this 



Hi Joshua, thank you for replying to my question. In that case can I download onto a USB stick and plug it into the satbox and watch it on tv? By the way my tv is an old Philips analogue set.

Joshua Hill said:

Hi Mark 

Nope the satbox can't do this 



first find out what formats the sat box can cope with,common ones are .ts .avi .mkv .mp4 and so on
then download material in those dish tv formats or convert with programmes like freestudio then onto usb stick then to sat box /tv

Thanks Willis for your message. I now have 2 questions; how do I find out what format the USB file is? I downloaded on MP4 off Youtube and put in satbox but what do I press to actually see if I have done it right? I cannot see anything on the remote so I can play the USB.



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