Can a freeview built in tv work on a satelite dish on its own?

Can anyone advise if a built in free view tv can work straight from a satelite to tv or do u need a free view box for this to work

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hi the answer to that is yes only if you got a tv that has terrestrial and satellite turner built in like RV MEDIA TV ,,,I have two that can pick up both with out a top box great in our house bus saving power....but most tv from the shop only have terrestrial built in which you need an aerial,,,hope this helps   BUNDY

Hi Johnny 

If you flick through a model number of the TV, we can check to see if this has a dual tuner, which means it can work with a UHF aerial or a Satellite Dish.

Josh Hill

Hi it's a LG 55LW4500



Hi Johnny 

I just had a look at this TV and it appears to only have a tuner that is built for Freeview HD (which works only with a UHF aerial) not a Satellite Dish, you an buy a set top box to receive Freeview Satellite

I hope this information is helpful, 

Regards, Josh Hill

Johnny said:

Hi it's a LG 55LW4500


Thanks Josh much appreciated

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11th September 2019 -UPDATED-

Firmware updates released for S8100 and S8300 boxes, please follow updates here

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