My freeview box will start to load a program and then will turn off and reboot.
I have tried turning off and restarting....but it still continues to do it?

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Hey Suz, 

Can you confirm if the box you have is an aerialBox T2200?


Hi Josh
Yes on the front it says "aerialBox T2200"


We have a Veon TV model SR043FHD2017 connected to Freeview On Demand via a satbox decoder/recorder S8200.
We have been watching On Demand content trouble-free until yesterday when we selected a TV1 programme which played OK for a while and then stopped. The satbox turned off and went through its usual boot and initialisation process. The problem continued with a breakdown happening a while after recommencing our viewing.
Today when selecting any TVNZ programme - TV1, TV2, Duke - the station logo appears and then the satbox resets. However we can watch any other content - Maori, Bravo, TV3, TV3Life - trouble-free.
Can it be an issue with TVNZ's presentation? Any ideas?

Hi Ian
We also have a Veon TV and it has only started to happen in the weekend.
Yes it is only the TVNZ programmes - TV1, TV2, Duke - the station logo appears and then the satbox resets. However we can watch any other content - Maori, Bravo, TV3, TV3Life - trouble-free also.
I have no idea what is going on, we also have TVNZ on demand app on the TV and can watch through there with no trouble.
So not really sure what is going on?

I also have an aerialBox T2200 and the same thing happens. I had not used it for a couple of weeks so not sure when the problem started, but tonight I tried to play several different On Demand programs from TV1 and TV2. The TVNZ logo plays for a few seconds and then the unit reboots. Kept happening, and turning off and on at the wall makes no difference.

I have T2100 same thing happens to me, extremely frustrating as i specifically bought this set top box to access tvnz ondemand. Any help???

Hi Guys, 

Thanks for letting us know, are you able to clarify what method you use to get onto OnDemand do you use the on screen guide or do you access the apps via the APPS button on the remote:



I use the green button on my tv remote which takes me straight to on demand


I use the app button.

Hi Guys, 

Please keep checking the Network Status for updates. 


We began by using the remote's red button to open the guide and navigate to OnDemand at the top of the page but recently discovered the Apps button and have used that latterly. The reset problem after choosing TVNZ content occurred with both access methods.


UPDATE: Tried TVNZ OnDemand programmes again tonight and all seems well - started playing two shows (one TV1, the other labelled TVNZ) and both ran fine. Thanks to Josh and/or whoever is responsible for this development

Hi guys

The teams have resolved the rebooting issue with DISH TV boxes, you don't have to do anything a this was applied automatically. If you are experiencing further issues please let me know. 

Regards, Josh

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