What would cause "Booking Failed" when trying to set a recording via "TV Guide".  I later check that the required program is as listed, and at the appropriate time. Recently occurring more than once.
My Freeview unit is a Dish TV [NZ] Super Box

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Hi Peter, 

Are you able to share more details on the programme you are trying to book, Please provide:

  • Channel 
  • Programme Title 
  • Time of Recording 
  • With the Superbox are you watching using the Satellite Dish or UHF aerial? 



Thank you for your response. I cannot recall the several occasions this has occurred. The latest was - TV1; The Story of Rugby; 8:45 pm Saturday21/9
I have a UHF aerial
(There was also TV3; NCIS LA ; 9; 30 Tuesday 17/9)

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