A2 with no video (old device works OK with cables and has new splitter)

Hi All, my first query.

I have been given an A2 Freeview decoder - much better than my old one and have tried to install with mixed results.

Office - connects fine

Master Bedroom - connects fine connecting to an older TV than my lounge

Lounge - whch is where I want it - it started up but no video or sound...same cables, same splitter...it started and displayed the dish TV graphics and then no picture its almost like it sends a different video format

Any ideas?

Thanks Mason

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Mōrena Mason, 

This might be a question for DISH TV to have a look at this for you.
You can create a support ticket via their website here: www.dishtv.co.nz


Thanks I will do.

I did buy a new splitter and install thta - it fixed the "ticking and noise" fade on the old box but the video/audio still faulty".

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