Last night we had a couple of power flickers then everything fine but when TV came back on above message came up so we can't access our recordings and can't record anything as when you try that it says hard drive not formatted.

TV working fine, can use on demand just have lost the storage, I've been in IT for years and no way that this should have happened from power outage, had another like that a few weeks ago during lightning storm and power did go out that time after several spikes, everything fine when poser back on.

We have rebooted the device, turned it fully off for 20 minutes, turned TV fully off etc and still getting same message, of course it would be a public holiday. Any ideas?

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Hi Andrew

The problem is related to the  Dish A2 freeview stb ..  The  hard-drive  has become corrupted .. or  something on the main-board has failed .. If it isnt  under warranty i would remove  the hard drive and test it ..

Additional info: Watching on demand last night (obviously can't record) and we see a message, device storage now available, can see our recorded content and play it. So problem self-corrected, which in many years of IT havn't seen before and sets of warning flags. Can't apparently backup the recordings on an A2, think I'm going to ask for a new one!

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ALL PLATFORMS WORKING WELL, except a glitch with UHF transmission in Hawkes Bay affecting some JVC and VEON TVs.  See Network Status for more info and updates.

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