I bought a FlameSat off trade me.  Seems all good but not sure if I should be able to get more channels.

I get down to the Edge, but no shopping channels - I dont mind that, but is there anything else down that way I might want to pick up?

I installed it all myself, with terrific support from the trader getting it all going.

Seems that if you can get TV1,2,3 and Prime I should be satisfied.

When I turn the dish, I get the maximum signal, LPA at optimum 8pm angle and pushed right out.

Anything else I should try?

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Okay I just found that if Im reading this right, using a satellite dish actually has less channels.

So I am missing TeReo, and some shopping and religious channels only?


Based on your link looks like we are only missing Bravo.  

So I realise satellite has much fewer than the other system, right?

One question does it have a NZ Ctick approval on the back of it?

You should have 18 tv and 4 radio channels on the freeview platform and you may also find another 5-6 radio channels also there

As from Wednesday you will have 19 sat channels



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