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Lost all the channel.

I have a DSE 7500 freeview .  I have had no signal for over a week, I had the techy come out today and replace the thing on my satellite di…

Started by Sue S

0 Dec 13, 2013

Losing channels - now all gone!

Hi guys. We have enjoyed Freeview here in central Christchurch for about a year now, but recently I noticed the reception declining on tv3…

Started by Edward Jenkins

2 Dec 12, 2013
Reply by Josh @ Freeview


I sent this query off to Dish TV support - I know there are other users of this satbox that are experiencing this: "Lately I have a box pop…

Started by Sue

1 Dec 11, 2013
Reply by Josh @ Freeview

No TV1, 2, 1+1 or 2+1

I recently moved house to a fringe reception area (Heathcote Valley, Christchurch) and TV1, 2, 1+1 and 2+1 are no longer being received. I'…

Started by AM

2 Dec 10, 2013
Reply by AM

'No Event Information' on my T1050PVR

The programme information has disappeared when you go to a channel and it wont record any current programmes we have set up. I can go to th…

Started by AnnaK

3 Dec 7, 2013
Reply by AnnaK

Database Empty

Hi, I need some help please. Last night I brought a Transonic TC2884STB digital receiver from The Warehouse along with an Indoor UHF aerial…

Started by Zoe Gunn

4 Dec 6, 2013
Reply by Biggles

no signal

I am in need of  help...I have a free view that was set up at mine and because I have changed addresses my hills free view lost its warrant…

Started by Gena Weston

4 Dec 6, 2013
Reply by Josh @ Freeview

Tuning Fail T100 HD Receiver

Hi everyone,  So I live in a rental apartment in the very centre of Auckland City, and have purchased a DishTV Freeview HD Box (UHF) and am…

Started by Hazel Anson

3 Dec 6, 2013
Reply by Biggles

Freeview cuts out in bad weather

I have freeview box with a satellite dish. An old sky dish. When its raining or really windy my tv freezes up or just goes blank. It cut ou…

Started by Frances Marshall

2 Dec 5, 2013
Reply by Frances Marshall

Lost Signal

hi. i have been watching digital tv with 2 televisions with built in freeview for about a year but yesterday morning both tv's are showing…

Started by aaron richardson

5 Dec 4, 2013
Reply by aaron richardson



  • OnDemand Issues for SAMSUNG SMART TV
    We are aware of issues with these TVs, It is under investigation.  Please check NETWORK STATUS for the latest updates. 

    If you post regarding this, please include your Model Number which can be found in the Menu or the back of your TV. 

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