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No freeview signal from a dish that receives Sky

I  have purchased a Panasonic freeview recorder. On swapping the dish connector from Sky to the new recorder, the new recorder reports no s…

Started by Peter

3 May 25
Reply by Peter

hills hsmt200a

I am in west Auckland. Don't know how to set up freeview. Asking for channel number and frequency

Started by Taylor

24 Aug 11, 2019
Reply by Josh @ Freeview

No TV3

I have a new TV with dual tuners  I have a sky dish and a terrestial aerial they feed into a distribution amplifier with F type outputs ie…

Started by Steve

2 Jul 30, 2019
Reply by Josh @ Freeview

Freeview plus

I'm curious can you not get freeview plus with satellite? I have sky dish Samsung tv with built in freeview but I really like the look of f…

Started by Elizabeth Todd

0 Jul 8, 2019

Freeview setup: converter box from satellite to aerial

Hi hope someone can help because I have no idea where else to ask. When TV first went digital to Freeview I got a 2nd hand converter box (n…

Started by AM

2 Jan 25, 2019
Reply by AM

How do you set up transonic as in all the cords. Forgotten how to.

giving away my transonic but forgot how to set it up. Would anyone be able to show me again pls. Cable set up.

Started by Taylor

1 Nov 20, 2018
Reply by David Lipscombe

In-line splitter for Satelite?

We currently have a satelite dish (supplied by Sky). Although we are in Auckland, where we live is in a UHF black spot.  There are 3 cables…

Started by Don Hounsell

2 Jul 10, 2018
Reply by David Lipscombe

[HELP SET UP] BOX:- Zinwell ZMT 620 HD Digital Terrestrial receiver.

my friend gave me a freeiew uhf box  BOX:- Zinwell ZMT 620 HD Digital Terrestrial receiver. Came with no cords other then power cord. I fou…

Started by Taylor

2 Jul 3, 2018
Reply by Graham Wilson

Satellite Dish Elevation

The recommended dish elevation for my location is 44.4Deg. Trying this I get no signal. Looking at most dishes in the area they all appear…

Started by Lilbay809

4 May 15, 2018
Reply by Lilbay809

Different splitters

quite a while ago I decided to split the cable coming from the dish so that I could use another TV with seperate Top Box. I originally purc…

Started by Arthur Wright

4 Apr 15, 2018
Reply by Biggles


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