The following instructions were supplied by the manufacturer.  

Please follow these steps to update your Transonic Satellite Receiver.

1.   Press the Menu button on your remote control
2.   Select Installation and press the OK button
3.   Select Transponder setup and press OK
4.   Select "Add" and press OK
5.   Enter 12519 under Frequency
6.   Enter 22500 under Symbolrate
7.   Change Polarization to Horz
8.   Change Service Type to FTA
9.   Change Network Search to off
10. Press OK if you can see signal strength and quality bars come up. If signal strength and quality are zero, please see the Troubleshooting section below.
11. Select Yes when asked "Do you want to scan" and press OK.
12. The tuning window will appear and your receiver will start to search for channels.
13. Once complete, the channels will be saved and the screen will return to "Transponder Setup"
14. Press the Exit button three times to get out of the menu.

Troubleshooting for TWH-S1

If you do not see the signal strength and quality value, then please check that you have entered the correct numbers and the settings are the same as given in the instructions.

If the settings are correct, then you have a reception problem. This can happen if your signal is coming from the dish incorrectly. It is a common and known issue on many ageing Sky installed dishes on which the LNB (equipment that sits on the arm of the dish) converts the signal incorrectly.

If you are using a Sky dish and you do not see signal strength and quality, you can try the following to force a signal:

  • Increment the frequency by 3 until you get a signal. For example, the frequency is 12519 and adding 3 to it will give a new frequency of 12522 and adding another 3 will give 12525.
  • To get a permanent fix, it is best to replace the malfunctioning LNB as over a period of time, the calculated value will change and you will eventually lose the signal.  You can find DIY guidelines here, or contact your installer for a quote to replace the LNB for you.  If you don't have a preferred installer, you can get a quote for an accredited installer from Clearvision Communications here.

If you have further queries, the Support team at The Warehouse may be able to assist.

Please call 0800 422 274 or email


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