Rescan on Dish TV Satbox S7070r

There are two ways to update your S7070r: with a Firmware Update or through a Manual Update.


DISH TV will be releasing a firmware update ver 1.30 which will be broadcast over the air to each S7070r.  Once installed, this firmware update will enable the S7070r to automatically tune to the new feeds.  

You can also download the firmware update here onto a USB drive and install it any time.  

Once downloaded, unzip the file and follow the instructions PDF to complete the USB firmware update.


The following instructions are supplied by the manufacturer and extracted from the Dish TV website.

With some channels being transmitted on a Sky transponder, the S7070r may need a rescan to locate the transmission.

The steps to do this are as follows:

  1. Press the menu button on the remote to bring up the main menu
  2. Select Installation and Press Ok
  3. Select Factory Default and Press Ok
  4. Enter the pin code for the receiver (The default is 0000)
  5. Select Yes and press OK

After the factory reset process has completed you will be prompted to select your region and press ok.

Once the scan process has completed you should have access to all channels again. In some cases this process will not correctly add PRIME, BRAVO plus 1 & THE EDGE TV, you will need to then manually enter the Transponder details for PRIME, BRAVO plus 1 & THE EDGE TV.

The steps to do this are as follows

1.    Press the Menu button to bring up the main menu

2.    Select Installation and press OK

3.    Select Tuning Wizard and press OK

4.    Enter the PIN code for the unit (the default is 0000)

5.    Select Satellite Scan and press OK

6.    Press the left arrow to access the carrier list

7.    Press the Yellow button to access the Setup menu

8.    Select Add Carrier and press OK

9.    Enter 12519 for the Frequency

10.  Select Symbol rate and enter 22500

11.  Check that Polarity is set to Horizontal

12.  Check that network scan is set to Off

13.  Press OK to start the Scan process

The scan process will take approximately 1 minute to complete.

Once the scan process is completed you will be returned to the Satellite Scan menu.

Press Exit to return to watching normal TV.

Once the scan process is completed press Exit to return.

Successfully completed, you should no longer see a message appear every 30 minutes on-screen on PRIME, BRAVO plus 1 or THE EDGE TV between noon and midnight each day.

Manufacturer Support

If you have problems with successfully carrying out this process, please see here for more information or contact the manufacturer Dish TV here.

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Comment by Josh @ Freeview on December 11, 2020 at 10:45

Hi Frederick,

I have messaged you with support.

Kindest Regards

Comment by Frederick Darcy Hughes on December 10, 2020 at 21:41

Good. Found where to type. Problem we have is Satbox S7070r does not seem to turn On so I can't get MENU up on screen.

Heavy rain in Central King Country last night caused varying Pixilation on slave TV so crappy Coro was turned off. Today, to see 6 oclock PM News, tried to turn on main TV. Unusually, yeah right, all nice things said/done but TV won't turn on...screen lights up blue but no more submission from Viera (TV). I expect Satop S7070r is the problem.

Can't download Firmware Update "The page you selected can't be found"...I just clicked on the Red Link. These electronic things are so frustrating; typing is a challenge enuf.

Funny that; our trust on Electronic Accuracy drove TE901 into Mt Erebus while poor Capt Collins thought he was flying down the middle of of the sound & should have been able to go as low as just above sea level. My apprenticeship was 9997hrs of 10,000 (at that time) having sought Labour Dept Rules about Holiday Rules after an old fellow said "Watch Your Holiday Pay". 6wks holiday time took me over Christmas & that few hrs of time to finish in Jan 1980 forced the miserable airline to pay a weeks stats.

My cancer "cure" is thanks to the Budwig Protocol being found on the Net, thanks to L8 Bernie Tolmie who saved a leg amputation by employing it then his friend, our pastor Dug Gibbs telling me in Dec 07. 13 yrs more life without torture of dry throat from radio "therapy" or trauma (death) of jawbone due reaction to radio "therapy". Praise the Lord for the Net.

Goes to show I've had more success with Cancer Cure than turning on the TV. faithfully fred.


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