Rescan on DTVS-DSR1 & 2

You will be using your DTVS remote.  If you don’t have your remote anymore, please contact DTVS for a replacement.


The following is provided by DTVS and applies to DTVS DSR1 and DSR 2 only.

Please follow the steps below:

 1) On the DTVS remote control, press the MENU button on the remote.

2) Select "System Installation" and press OK.

3) Select "Factory Default" and press OK.

4) Select "Yes" when "Do you want to reset information?" is displayed and press OK

5) Enter the password. The default password is 0000.

6) The Initial setup screen should appear.

7) Select your location and press OK.

8) Select "yes" when "Do you want to scan" is displayed

9) The receiver will start searching for channels and will save the channels when done.



Check the DTVS forum to see if there’s any troubleshooting information available for your receiver; alternatively, call DTVS technical support on 0800 388765; if DTVS is unable to take your call straight away, please leave a message or email

Friday 3 June 2016:  a power cut is currently affecting DTVS head quarters.  You may not be able to reach DTVS support by phone and a delay in email replies is to be expected until power is restored later tonight.

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