The Edge TV goes IP only

The Edge TV will go off air from Monday 1 July 2019 across Freeview & Sky TV.

We'll definitely miss seeing The Edge TV on Freeview channel 14...

Luckily we can all still tap into the good tunes since it'll be streaming live online on, via the ThreeNow app, ROVA and on channel 114 on the SmartVU Freeview Streaming Device.

That's right - it's full stream ahead for The Edge TV.

Something else good is going up on Channel 14...

MediaWorks (the good people bringing you Three, The Edge & Bravo, just to name a few) will launch ThreeLife +1 on channel 14.

Initially ThreeLife +1 will be exclusively available to Freeview viewers who have opted to use a UHF aerial to pick up TV signals.  (And if you want to get technical, yes it'll be DTT-only to start with.)

What is ThreeLife +1?

It brings you all the shows from ThreeLife,  just delayed by one hour. So you get a second chance to watch your favourite show from ThreeLife.

Why is it not available via satellite?

Watch this space!  The good people at MediaWorks are looking at extending the reach of ThreeLife +1 onto other platforms/coverage areas.

Why is The Edge TV going off air?

Edge TV is transitioning to an HD streaming proposition from 1 July 2019.  See FAQs on the ThreeNow site for more info.

What should I see on my TVs after 1 July?

If your TV/box is connected to a UHF aerial*, you'll find ThreeLife +1 (in place of The Edge TV) on channel 14.

If your TV/box is connected to a satellite dish*, you won't have a channel 14.

If your device is behaving differently - it may have failed to auto-update.  You just need to retune / rescan for channels to fix that.

What do I need to do?

Most Freeview-approved TVs, boxes & recorders will automatically update in if left in Standby mode after The Edge TV goes off air on 1 July 2019.

Some TVs require user permission before they can update. If you're prompted to update your TV or your channels list - please select to do so.

What do I do if my TVs / set-top-boxes fail to update automatically?

If the device is connected to a UHF aerial*: You may need to retune your TV or box to get ThreeLife +1. 

If the device is connected to a satellite dish*: you’ll see a black screen (with a "No Signal" message) when you go to channel 14 after 1 July.  To fix it, just give your TV / box a retune or rescan to remove channel 14. 

How do I retune / rescan?

Every brand & model of TV, set-top-box & recorder can be a bit different. 

Normally you can retune by following steps similar to the below:


You can check here for more detailed retune guidelines.

Or search for 'tuning', 'auto tuning' or 'digital tuning' instructions in the User Guide for your device if you're still unsure.

*How do I know if my device is connected to a UHF aerial or a satellite dish?

If your TV, box or recorder is connected to a UHF aerial, it'll have AL JAZEERA ENGLISH on channel 16. 

If it doesn't have channel 16, chances are it's connected to a satellite dish.


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