SONY Android TVs - video loading issue

Some SONY Android TVs are unable to load On Demand content: the network logo is displayed but the video does not load beyond the logo.  

These video-loading issues should be resolved if the TV is updated to the latest firmware. 

Note that some TVs are unable to pick up the latest firmware, and shows the TV to be up-to-date when there're more recent firmware updates available.  

You can check your firmware number by doing the following:

  1. Press HELP on your remote;
  2. Scroll down to the "Troubleshooting and System Information" section, select "System Information".
  3. On the "System Information" screen, your firmware version number will be displayed on the top right section of the screen, and will be in the second line of grey text in that portion of the screen.

Check if your TV is up-to-date:

  • For TVs with model numbers containing X, Z or ending in A1, your firmware version should be PKG6.2858.xxxx or higher.
  • For TVs with models numbers containing W, your firmware version should be PKG5.381.xxxx or higher.

If your TV is not up-to-date:

SONY has two firmware updates available and recommend that affected users download the firmware update to a USB drive and then manually update their TV via USB. 

Check your model number so you download the correct firmware:

  1. if your Sony TV model number contains an "X" or "Z", or ends in "A1" go to
  2. if you Sony TV model number contains a "W", please go to

Make sure you restart your TV after the firmware update for it to take effect in terms of correcting the video loading issues you're experiencing.

If you need additional support with the firmware update, please contact SONY Support here.

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