PRIME Over-the-Air Software Updates


To help some satellite receivers to automatically tune into Prime's new frequency, Dish TV and Hills have released Firmware Updates.


After playing out the updates for months since Oct 2013, we had to end the play-out.  But you can still download the updates from the manufacturer websites.

Please follow instructions on the DishTV page on how to install the updates.

For other brands & models of satellite receivers, please check instructions from manufacturers on the Prime migration page in the first instance.


Upcoming Software Updates

A Software Update for the Transonic TWH-S1 is being tested and will be available as soon as tests are completed.

Once the Transonic TWH-S1 update testing is complete, a rotation plan detailing when an update will be available is to be published here.



What do I need to do & when?

Your satellite receiver will prompt you to accept & install the available Software Update as they become available on-air (you will see a message, similar to "Update available..." on your TV screen).  The above schedule outlines when the updates will be placed on-air.

Please use your Dish TV or Hills satellite receiver remote (select "OK" or "YES") to accept and install the Software Update in order to restore PRIME.

It's best to accept & install as soon as you can to capture the Software Update since it will only be on-air for a limited time.

I keep seeing an update message - why?

If you have disabled the option on your satellite receiver to automatically install updates, the receiver will prompt you again repeatedly until either the update is installed OR it is off-air.


More information & Support

For more info about these updates & how to install them, please refer to the Dish TV or Hills sections on the Prime migration page, or alternatively to the manufacturers support lines.

If you need additional support, please contact the manufacturer of the satellite receiver for further assistance.


See Network Status page for updates.

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