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Can I get HGTV?

From Wednesday 24th August, if you have FREEVIEW, you should have HGTV on channel 17.

Only available via UHF at launch back in June, HGTV's satellite broadcast starts from 10am on that day - pretty exciting!

Most FREEVIEW approved devices will update automatically to add HGTV on channel 17, some TVs will update overnight if left in STAND BY mode.

If you have an unapproved box, you probably need to manually add HGTV, check with the distributor of your unapproved box on how to do this, or try the forum.

Recording on HGTV via satellite.

Programme information via satellite may be slightly delayed at or shortly after launch so recording may not be available on the 24th.  

We expect full programme information and recording functionality to be available from Monday 29th August.

More info

You can contact the HGTV team on Facebook over here, or go to the HGTV website to sign up to keep up to date with what's happening with HGTV.


See Network Status page for updates.

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