Browse through some of the topics below if you are having some trouble with Freeview via Satellite. 

Setting up

  • Am I in a coverage area?
  • How do I assemble a satellite dish from scratch (DIY)? 
  • Diagram of a typical Freeview Satellite system
  • Which video cable do I plug from the box to the TV? 
  • What are hybrid tv's and do I need one?

Using Freeview

  • test

Recception Issues?

  • Recently had a storm? and can't receive Freeview? Click Here

  • Click here to find out how to align or realign your dish
  • Click here to find out how to adjust your LNB (device in front of your dish)

Update PRIME ETC. on your receiver

What channels do I get?

  • Click here to access the Freeview website to see the list of available channels via satellite
  • Click here to access Paul's post about satellite carrier groups

Other Information?

  • Click here to see a filtered results search of "Satellite" referenced posts on this forum

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