Equipped with Freeview Receivers is video and audio cables which are connected from the Receiver to your television set, there are many models of equipment that have alternative video options and its important that you recognize which of which is the best way to watch Digital Television. 

Composite Cable  

This cable is supplied with every Freeview approved product and is a basic connection for your television, Most Televisions that handel AV inputs. They will have a Red/White and Yellow coat. This provides a Standard SD Digital Video and Audio 


Component Cable 

This cable provides a more clearer and upscaled video picture and usually can broadcast equipment in HD however is not an alternative to the HDMI cable. This cable split the colour so the picture comes up more better than Composite and is recommended to use if you have a HDTV and a receiver that can handle component, It however will not carry the red and white audio connection on some cables. 

HDMI Cable 

This provide full 1080p video and is used in all entertainment systems that have a HDTV. This cable is recommended for Freeview HD Set top boxes for those who want to watch HD shows and satellite users who want to connect their receivers to get a upscaled high quality video. 


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EPG Issue-Timaru: Some Timaru customers are reporting missing EPG info and in turn can not record. This issue is being looked into (Last updated: 27 NOV).


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