seeing this

prompted me to plug in an 8 gb transonic usb stick into this ultraplus sat box

recorded 5 mins of nhk on intelsat 19 in full hd 1920x1080 resolution,30 frames /second file size 450mb

play back was faultless not a pixel out of place

so did a speed test on other devices   ultraplus own hdd 198mb/s, externel 1 tb hdd via usb 149mb/s

transonic 4/8/16gb usb  135/,143/133mb/s as it seems that ext hdd are faster but not by much

the 4 gb is doing quite well in the olivea zinwell 620 apart from the occasional 'pixel shadow'

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Hey willis

It is great to see some investigating using USB recording on the DishTV units, 

Recording is possible on any USB device but if you want to maintain the quality and the reliability then users will need to invest in a external HDD or a reliable standard USB drive, sometimes recordings can come out faultless, others may have slight issues.


would need a hdd as some of the file sizes are considerable

the zinwell produces an .mpg file tv 1,2,3 would be 3.3gb/hour the rest in 720x576 are 2.3 gb/hour

sat signals are more reasonable being about 1 gb/hour for tv 3 and up to 1.7 gb/hour for all else      the ultraplus records in .ts format, converted to mp 4 would bring a 1.7 gb .ts file to about 1.1 gb

and fta  hd sat like nhk 5.5 gb/hour


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