It is great to see so much programming on OnDemand which has been tagged with the "OUTtv" logo, as being LGBTQI+ friendly content. I assume that this is just a start to such selections of content which is thought to appeal to a particular sector of society, and we will eventually also have logos for content which, for instance, is of particular appeal to those of diverse ability, or perhaps those of a particular faith / religion. However, the current content choices for such a category as "Ability-diverse" would need to be greatly expanded beyond just the "Attitude TV" series.

Maybe it would be possible to make these pre-selections more useful as well, by providing some form of filtering on them, so that those who are particularly interested in LGBTQI+ shows (or ability diverse shows, etc) can find such content easier as a group, and those who aren't can filter them out so that they aren't shown at all? This would make such a feature much more useful and egalitarian.

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