Hi, Does anyone have any experience/comments/suggestions on adding a USB SSD to record Freeview off a Smart TV? TV is a Panasonic TH-65HX950Z and firmware on it is up to date (4.069). SSD is 4TB and does NOT have any means to power it off the mains (TV says it can handle 160GB to 6TB). TIA.

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Hi Oli,

I thought that I would respond as I think that this Freeview forum seems to be a bit defunct.

I don't have any experience with the Panasonic TV but I may have a couple of suggestions.

I am assuming you can record and playback OK using a smaller USB flash drive and that you are only having trouble with your 4TB SSD?? If you have not tried this, it may be worth a go as it could be a fault in the TV.

Is the 4TB SSD drive formated?? It may pay to plug it into a PC and format it. (Just check with your TV's documentation on what file system it supports.)

Hope this helps.

Thanks Alan. I haven't tried anything yet. I will plug it in and format from the TV later today and let you know how I get on.

It's a shame this forum is moribund but I guess so many people use SKY now and don't care about Freeview. Also, using the forum is not a pleasant experience as the forum software they are using is very old fashioned or badly formatted which would put a lot of people off.


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