I am becoming quite irritated by the way Freeview is set up. The end of Freeview Ondemand is happening later this year (which is stupid) and they are wanting us to view Ondemand content through there individual apps but the Freeview dongle doesn't allow you to download Maori+ for Maori TV programming or SkyGo for Prime programmes. How are we supposed to view these networks programming?? Could you please keep Freeview Ondemand for Maori TV and RNZ programmes as they don't have proper apps/apps available to download on the dongle while also putting Prime on Freeview Ondemand. Please keep Freeview Ondemand!!

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Hi Leo

Freeview does not control what apps go where, that is up to the individual broadcasters to decide and build. You will need to contact them and push to see if they are able to provide something.

We will work with broadcasters to post instructions and material closer to the time to help viewers transition from Freeview OnDemand to other services.



See Network Status page for updates.

Freeview On Demand Changes Read More Here

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