The AM Show returned to TV3 last week and I did a Series Booking to record it on my Freeview PVR as I had done all last year.

Everything appeared OK, the EPG indicated the Series Booking for each of the three hours of the show (6-7, 7-8 & 8-9AM) and it was repeated throughout the week.

The show duly recorded but then the PVR indicated that the series had come to an end and prompted me to delete the booking!!!!! I did NOT delete the booking and the show recorded OK the next day and again told me the series had come to an end. 

I deleted my Series Booking and tried to re-instate it but I was told that the show had already been recorded to my PVR and would not book it. After watching, and deleting the show, from my PVR I could then do the Series Booking. But, of course, I still get told that show has come to an end each day and I am guessing that if I fail to delete a days recordings the PVR will not record the next day as it thinks the show is already recorded.

I am assuming that each program, listed in the Freeview EPG, should be assigned a unique identifier. (Hidden from us mere mortals.) This will stop a PVR, with a booking for a show, recording repeats of that show if the original recording has not been deleted from the hard disk.

It appears that TV3 have assigned the same identifier to ALL the listings for the AM Show, hence my problem.

Is there anyone out there in Freeview land that knows who to talk to at TV3 to get this fixed??

I would just try to send them an email but I don't have any confidence that it would reach the correct person.

It would be great if someone from Freeview could do some training for the broadcasters in the correct use and updating of the Freeview EPG as there has been quite a few errors and problems of late. 

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Wonders of wonders. The only person at mediaworks with some common sense has returned from holiday and the AM program is now listed as a single one hour show in the EPG.

Big tick for Mediaworks, but it should have never happened in the first place.

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