I am having this problem with Prime only. Bravo +1 and Prime +1 is ok. My signal strength is 82%. I can receive Satellite transmission on both my top set box and also my Samsung TV which has  satellite Tuner. This problem is on both, no programme information and no EPG. When I am on other channels the EPG is there for all the TV stations except Prime.

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Hi Adrian,

Could you try retuning your TV and see if this fixes the issue?


several of my sat boxes have the same issue,,EPG on prime +1& no EPG on prime

What models / brands are your set top boxes? 


If so many people are having this problem, who do you complain to at Freeview so they can check if the issue is theirs or the viewers. Simple, we can talk it about all day and nothing is done. We may have to change settings in our topset box but I can't change settings in my TV.


I think that the problem is that Prime+1 on satellite is not actually a Freeview channel.

It has not been assigned a Freeview channel number nor does it transmit its EPG in the correct format. (MHEG 5) That is why the EPG does not display at all on Freeview devices.

You will not find Prime+1 on listed on the www.freeviewnz.tv  website.

I don't know why Prime have not added +1 to Freeview. Maybe it costs too much, they just don't care, or they are incompetent.  Going by my past dealings with Prime, my vote is incompetence.

Don't hold your breath.

I also haven't had a Prime EPG for some months now, yet Prime +1 shows the full EPG

Prime is on 12519 [H] 22500

I messaged Prime on FB and they said it was more a freeview issue

I'm using a UltraPlus X-9200HD via Satellite

That sounds strange.

My satellite DIshTV S7090 (That does have more bugs than an ant hill.) has no problems with Prime or its EPG.

Prime+1 comes up as 'Service Number 1015' on my  S7090 and although the program information is displayed when you change to that channel, pressing the EPG button just displays 'Loading' for ever and ever....

I think that the Prime Helpdesk guys have no skills or knowledge in Freeview.

When Primes EPG had a problem a few years ago that only the next three days were displayed, their Helpdesk told me that they have nothing to do with Freeview.  (I wonder how Freeview gets their program information?? Magic?)

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