Devices covered in this post: Strong SRT4300 or any receiver that shows the following similar display by pressing the menu button

This is the Menu display: Check to see if you have the same type or display if you do then follow the next steps with photos! If not then you may be able to follow the instructions but display may differ on Strong units. 


Step 1
On your remote press Menu  

Then select the GEAR ICONS (Installation)

Select: Transponder List


Step 2
Select Add Trasnsponder  


Step 3
Press the YELLOW BUTTON on your remote


Step 4
This box will appear

Proceed to the next step (Step 5)


Step 5
With your remote enter the following data: 

Frequency: 12519(PRIME)

Press Arrow Key down then>

Symbol Rate: 22500

Press Arrow Key down then>

Polarity: H

Press Arrow Key down then>


Same TP Exists? Then skip this step and go to Step 6


Step 6
Use your arrow key to scroll through the list to find: 

12519 HOR 22500

(Like the Photo above highlighted for example) 

Press the RED BUTTON 


Step 7
Use the arrow key (left and right) to toggle:

Scan Mode: FTA

Network Open: NO 


The receiver will then scan and tune in the channels. (If required confirm any scans and exit out of the menus to return to normal TV Do this by keep pressing Menu)

Press OK  to load up the channel list, Prime will be on the bottom/end of the list and there will be your new channels

You have successfully tuned in.


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