Devices covered in this post: Jinya and Digitview or any receiver that shows the following similar display by pressing the menu button

Taken from a Digitview 180S (But similar interfaces on Jinya and other units sold on Trade me):

Step 1

On your remote press Menu 

Locate the "Channel" option as seen above

Select Add Channel

(If you have a Jinya, it might be under the dish icon or installation setup (Add new Carrier/TP)


Step 2

On your remote use the arrow keys to go down to Add TP (outlined in Red)



Step 3

On your remote to go down to TP Frequency and enter in 12519

Ensure that the Symbol Rate is 22500 and the Polarity is set at H

Press Save 



ANY ERRORS? Same TP exists? 

If this message pops up in step 3 then you need to return back to Step 2 and highlight the "TP" section where is has XX/XX (Numbers) 

Toggle right and see if the TP Frequency numbers are similar to 12519

You may need to delete any frequencies that are not the following:

12483, 12456, 12707 , 12644, 12644, 12671

You should be good after that, try the steps again to add the 12519 carrier.

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