SOLVED! Philips 65PUT6703/75 purchased from PBTech


The set does support Freeview.

I am pleased to inform the tv is now displaying Freeview.

The step that got it working was to disconnect it from mains power for a period of time and after that it worked. I had previously tried clearing the cache under network settings but that hadn't helped.

I had disconnected the tv to get to the back of it to take photos of the serial plate.

I can only speculate why the tv failed to display Freeview, but it was the last feature I tried. I initially powered the tv up with no network, then a few days later connected it to a wireless network to investigate the smart features. A few days later I then changed to a wired network. Both wireless and wired were confirmed connecting through the router to the internet.  And finally I tried Freeview with no success.

After disconnecting and reconnecting the power the tv immediately had a network connection.  That maybe the crucial fact.

Thanks for the help.


I bought a Philips 65PUT6703/75 from PBTech during their boxing day sale.

The set is connected to broadcast tv with a uhf aerial.  Channels are showing 100% signal strength.  Network settings of the tv are showing an active broadband internet connection.  HbbTV options are all on.  It should just work.

But the tv will not display an aspect of Freeview.  No Freeview programme guide or mini menu when changing channels.

I now suspect that this model of Philips TV does not support NZ Freeview.

I'd like to hear if anyone does have Freeview working on this particular model of Philips TV and if so what firmware version and if there are any tricks to get it working.


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Your suspicions are probably correct. Though it is a different model see

Hi Cliff,

Do you remember the model number of your TV?

Regards, Nick

Cliff Baker said:

Your suspicions are probably correct. Though it is a different model see

Mine was 55PUT6800. Loved it all other aspects - the ambilight, swivel stand and remote that opened out to reveal keyboard. 

The info on the Philips website for your one mentions Freeview live - on demand If it hasn't already got the latest firmware (July 2019)upgrade to it. Can download it to a usb drive at and upgrade manually

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