I have just purchased the Panasonic DMR-HWT260 HDD recorder with terrestrial Freeview. This might seem a silly question to all you people out there but I can't see an option to access Freeview On Demand here in New Zealand.

Am I being thick or does this unit not give you this facility?

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There is a setting on the Function Menu - Setup - Basic Settings - Digital TV Tuning - Freeview Plus - This must be set on.

Then when you change channel you should see a box in the top left that says Freeview On Demand with a green box.

Just press the green button at the bottom of the remote.

I sometimes find it needs multiple presses.

You will need a logon for freeview on demand.

Hi Mark, 

Have you managed to follow the instructions provided by James? 

If not, give us a shout. 


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