Whatever algorithm is being used by Freeview OnDemand to generate the lists of "More Like This" in the interface, is seriously flawed. It is already hard enough to find content on Freeview OnDemand within my favourite genre of scifi & fantasy, being that you don't have a category for this choice. This lack is then compounded by the totally ineffective algorithm being used to generate the "More Like This" list, which, upon my eventually discovering some scifi / fantasy content by chance, will suggest everything except other scifi / fantasy content as being "Like" it. There is just no unifying way to discover content on Freeview OnDemand that I would enjoy. As long as I know the name of a show to search for, or if I were to read the individual descriptions of each and every title available, other than that it is practically impossible to discover content that I would be interested in, from this genre.

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