Having a small issue that should be relatively simple but fast becoming complicated :)) So I'll throw it to forum.

Situation summary is

1. Bought freeview kit off Trademe which has proven to be excellent value for the $$ consisting of 60cm dish / 11300 LNB / cable / Superview 480 STB. / Satellite finder

2. Installed all and was very straightforward and successful. Found Optus D1 easily and full TP scan also fine. Have had the install for over a year. Without the usual criticisms floating around about various set-top boxes I couldn't say anything against the setup.

3. The big June storm up North NZ had over 150KPH winds and neighbour informs us tore the dish completely off the roof and into their back yard. Travel to site a few days later and retrieve the destroyed dish and find the LNB hanging still attached on the end of the COAX (bracket broken)

4. Buy new dish and re-mount - nothing changed on STB menus and should be simple exercise to realign dish and re-scan. Connect LNB , Sat finder and realign. Finder squealing OK and dish direction looks fine from previous direction / other dishes etc - and finder.

5. Run scan on STB menu and cant find any channels .. spend all afternoon trying / realigning etc but all fails and I suspect maybe LNB fault.

On leaving I retrieve the old LNB and leave the setup as is , intending to purchase a new LNB as all it can be is that , or the cable. I am sure the setup otherwise is fine. I have a last look through the menu on the STB and see that amongst the LNB 11300 setting that LNB power is "OFF" - I did not alter a thing from the original working setup so I wonder why this is so. All web searches indicate to me that in all cases except for possibly a dual-LNB situation that a single LNB setup should be power "ON"

I did notice that while scanning that the power level bar on the menu was at least reading but fluctuating between 0 - 30% ... even with LNB power "OFF" as mentioned.

So - I have purchased a new LNB just in case but the problem may actually be the power setting after all. I will be trying this when we revisit the house. I cant understand why the STB LNB setting changed. So simple question to the epistle - "ON" or "OFF"  ??????





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Hi Robbo,

LNB power should be "on", but if receiver works with it "off", don't worry about it. You may be powering the LNB through another setting, or it may an idiosyncrasy of that receiver.

Because you were getting some low readings when scanning, I'd suspect that you have aligned the dish to the wrong satellite!

There are several satellites very close to each other; So close, that you can't tell the difference just by comparing the dish direction with other dishes.

Your "satellite Finder" is just that! - It simply finds a satellite for you, but you have to decide if it's the one you're after, or not.

Installers load the different parameters into our "satellite signal meters", then our meter tells us if we're on the right satellite.

Go back and scan 10 degrees each way, and five degrees up and down, then lock onto the strongest signal you get - That will be D1.

Another option:- do a blind scan. It will find whatever channels are on that satellite, which will tell you what satellite you're on, then you'll know which way to move the dish to get back to D1.

Have fun. Cheers, Bill. 

Theres 4 sats practically next door to each other but 12456 & 12483 horizontal are "unique" to D1,freeview

Problem fixed ... faulty LNB . Seems that the dangling LNB on the end of the coax sustained some damage also. Removed the F connector socket from the LNB and can only see a "fork" shaped contact inside where the pin fits. I will post a photo maybe as I am not sure if it looks as it should but cant see any appropriate pin/wire contact. As soon as all components were connected and STB was switched on , the STB LNB settings read power on 13/18V automatically. The lack of any continuous connection previously probably was why power read "Off" on the menu. Tuning in was more difficult with this particular LNB than the other for some reason. Had to "skew" it to about 8 o'clock and dish elevation / Azimuth seemed really sensitive compared to initial setup. had to "micro" move the dish in tiny steps. Anyway , if feedback helps this is what I eventually did. LNB's might not be quite as robust as I was told , but for the cost , buy a new one ...:))

Thanks for the update Robbo! Glad its all fixed now!

8 oclock skew is normal

and the inside of the f socket will look like an M side on

hope you got a better mount than last time

Thanks Willis, That's exactly what It looks like .... so I guess the fault must have been inside the LNB unit itself...cheers

Hi Willis, Just some clarification for others reading these posts.

8 oclock skew is normal for Optus D1 using a lot of the common LNBs!

Cheers, Bill.

Didn't mention previously about LNB skew , as wasn't the issue , but should maybe mention I installed the old previous LNB without skew at all (6 oclock). Although it worked fine this might explain why when I occasionally did a FTA re-scan on the box , I typically got a lot of channel duplications etc and had to clean up the STB menu. This particular new one (both were/are cheap-ish models) seemed to definitely require skew , and as mentioned was more sensitive when adjusting it. Is this feasible or am I talking off the top :)) ?

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