Does anyone know if the new Google TV will have Freeview LIVE streaming on it or is it a Dish tv dongle exclusive? Also do all android TV's have Freeview Live Streaming as well?

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Dish TV appear to have made the app available on Google Play

So I imagine you could load it on the Google device if it isn't on it already. It won't be on the US and Australian versions, so make sure you are buying the NZ Google TV thingee.

I have just bought the Dish TV device and so far I love it. I haven't used it for streaming Freeview although I have checked the stream out and it works fine.

Cheers, thanks for letting me know about this. I have Dish TV device as well and am quite happy with it. I just wanted to know if Google TV was compatible and it looks like it is.

The Dish TV device is using Android TV which is exactly what is used on the Google TV device.

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