I found this article in Sydney Morning Herald which is an interesting read... Wonder if NZ has experienced the same issues.


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Hi Brent

Thanks for digging this out, devices are tested in order to be fully compatible with the FreeviewPlus services, while some TVs have much better processors which can handle more load while using FreeviewPlus, other TVs can encounter some small slow encounters however these are very minimal and usually are fixed with a software update from the manufacturer.

The Australian FreeviewPlus service was launched a year before NZ so we had some good scope on what Australia thought about the service. We are also improving the FreeviewPlus experience to ensure that the service is not buggy and can run without any issues on FreeviewPlus ready TVs

At the end of the day all the problems stem from one thing. That is the broadcasters trying to lock the viewers in to having to suffer through the adverts.
And of course you can understand where they are coming from as they need us to watch adverts to get revenue to be able to operate.
But, come on, in this day and age they should be able to sort something out that just works seamlessly.
I still can't believe I cannot view TVNZ's On Demand service on my Android tablet as it is not a Samsung.. The Android App is only available on Samsung and the streaming will not just stream to my Androids web browser. I am guessing I am thawted because I can fast forward the adverts on my standard web browser.
Freeview Plus = Not worth the bother.
Just buy a PVR and schedule all your favourite programs to record.. You won't miss anything, you can fast forward the adverts, you will never need a catch up service, and it all works seamlessly on any system.

I am for the easy life. (Even though I am a computer geek.)


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