Hi Everyone,

I have a DishTV PVR, see link https://www.dishtv.co.nz/A2.

We lost the Bluetooth remote that came with it, and I just purchased a replacement. 

My challenge is how to pair the new remote?

I followed the instructions for initial pairing from the Quick Start Guide (DISHTV_A2_Manual_V01.pdf);

  1. Hold remote within 20cm of PVR.
  2. Press Google Home "O" and the "OK" button (centre of directional navigation arrows).
  3. Red LED on remote goes
    1. Solid when searching for Bluetooth of PVR
    2. Flashes when pairing
    3. Off once complete

In my case, the LED does not flash, and the remote does not pair, can not control the device.

There is no alternative either. Only software menus, driven by the Bluetooth remote - no feature buttons on the unit.

I guess another option is to do a factory reset so that the box is as-new. Then set-up per the Quick Start Guide.

Can anyone help with either?



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Today I posted the same query to DishTV Support and got the following response which worked.



The unit will need to be in Pairing mode on the side of the Superbox 
there is a small hole in the air vents you can press this for 3 secs to 
pair to put the unit in pairing mode

Regards Justin

Technical Support Desk
Dish TV Technologies Ltd
25 McKee Street
Hamilton 3200

p 0800 347 488
f +64 7 929 4122

That's great Dish TV got back to you! 




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