I'm having issues again with Prime programming finishing itself and going into "looking for repeat event" in the record list, even though the program is in the EPG for the same week, and sometimes the same day. Would a forced refresh of the EPG fix anything? Or is it Prime not loading things properly at their end?

Thanks, Adam.

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Hi Adam, 

You can do a full power reset by switching off the receiver for 20 minutes, when it reboots the receiver will then rescan the EPG to load the listings, This won't affect any recordings. You could also try a Factory Reset which will require you to re scan and you will loose any current recordings 


Hello Josh,

Thanks for your reply. I did a reset by turning off the unit for about 45 minutes, but this did not fix the EPG. I also disconnected the power altogether overnight as a further attempt, but this also failed.

I have had this problem once before which fixed itself, although I now believe that was luck and maybe something was done at Prime's end of the chain, as now it fails to recognize any Prime program in the recording list. I can get the programs to be recognized and added to the list at the time I enter them to record, but when I leave the EPG and go into the library it tells me that they have finished and relegates them to waiting for repeat. This can be a few minutes later, or it may take a couple of hours. Seems to be when the EPG is refreshed the recording list fails to see them as still being in the EPG.

Thanks, Adam.

Hi Adam, 

Thanks for your reply. 
I would recommend getting in touch with the Dish TV team, I have supplied their details below. Their team is back after the weekend. 


Kind Regards, 



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