Have same Satellite dish that I got with Hills Freeview but changed Hills box to a TRIAX S-HD 10 plus HDTV Satellite Receiver - how to update for Prime etc?

I got rid of the Hills box as it was rubbish and got a more stable one - S-HD 10 plus HDTV Satellite Receiver as the Hills one was junk and used to fade off and on. Technician updated me to this one and have never had any problems. Am getting the message across screen when watching Prime. Do I need to contact technician to update as TRIAX not mentioned anywhere I can see on the lists. Thanks in advance for your reply.

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Hi CK 

Yes please contact TRIAX support to get instructions to load in the new Transponder for Prime. The transponder details are 12519 H 22500 if TRIAX needs further info. 

Josh Hill

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