I have been long waiting for the day to be able to stream freeview live tv rather than requiring an aerial/dish.

that seems to arrived in the form of the "Dish TV SmartVU X" device :D

I am curious why a physical device is needed rather than just a new feature in the smart tv app? anyone know the technical ins and outs? (is it a buffering/quality thing?)



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I have got my hands on the new streaming device and it's amazing!
While Smart TV's offer most built in functions - which is great! Many people don't have those TVs or their TVs are not compatible with the new streaming services, a device makes it easy and simple and with the small size it is you can easily hide it using the magnet at the back of the TV! 

Foe technical, you may want to approach DISH TV who manufacture the device. 


okay thanks

maybe my question is more why the app can't be updated to include the live channels (rather than being about the SmartVU device)

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