Hi. My 9 month-old Freeview Set Top Box (AerailBox model T2100) now responds very slowly, or not at all, to the remote button commands. It seems to be failing gradually.

The menu comes up when the middle 'OK' button is first pressed but then won't respond to any button.

Does anyone have any ideas what causes this and what to do about it?

I've renewed the remote batteries, so I'm assuming that's not the issue.

Do these devices wear out, or be faulty sometimes?

Do they have a warranty? If so who can I return it to?

Advice appreciated!

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Hi Dharan, 

Dish TV Support should be responding to this query shortly (Within the next few working days). If you don't hear from them.We recommend contacting them directly via their website www.dishtv.co.nz 


Cheers - thanks Josh.

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