Please Note: This is for Freeview Satellite (Not HD/ TV Built in) 

When setting up a Satellite Dish for Freeview, you need to ensure that the signal is aligned properly to the Optus D1 Satellite which has all the channels available on the platform, If you are already having issues getting reception on your dish then the likely case is that the dish has been realigned off beam or the LNB needs adjusting (see this post).

This guide will help you understand your dish and how you can align it to Optus D1 based on your location and size of dish.

To align your dish, there are two steps to note and recognize, these are Elevation and Azimuth

Elevation:  Is the angle you tilt the dish from straight ahead to the sky.

Azimuth: Is the direction you turn the dish from left to right like a compass.

This image shows you which one is which:

The Optus D1 Satellite is 160 degrees East of Greenwich:

You will need to go to this website and using the map locate your own location by scrolling or double clicking. You will notice a glow line appearing which shows the direction you should face your dish, Once you establish your location: the Dish Elevation and Azimuth will show the correct measurements you should set on the dish


TO SET THE AZIMUTH: You will need to unscrew the highlighted bolts to sway the dish around, just remember that if you are facing the dish from the back of it then the dish needs to point somewhere north west based on the measurements.

Re tighten all screws to ensure durability in all conditions after the dish is aligned. You may wish to test if all channels show on your receiver before doing this. 

Hope this info helps a bit and helps set up/ fix the reception issues you have.

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