Anyone having problems with programs not starting. All I get is the channel logo sit there and do nothing. I've reset my modem a few times and reset the set-top box with no luck.

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Everything is right on our side Russell, but thanks for letting us know. 


Russell Gray said:

Never mind, it's come right again. It must have been a temporary glitch with the server.

Last time  Everything worked ok after I downloaded the recommended file onto a USB stick and stuck the stick into my T2100.

But alas , once more my Freeview doesn't work.

I have tried to run six  Freeview programs on my TV. All either stop at the channel logo or show an error message or ( in the case of "The Gulf" ) don't show the episodes so there is nothing to click on.

"Back to Life"  E1 ends up with the message " This video is not available to play"

"Prodigal Son " E1 ends up with the message " There was an error during playback."

"Deep Water" E1 , Australian Survivor" and "Wentworth" E1 all just stop at the channel logo.

Yes, it wasn't working last night for me either. Other times it works perfectly. It is inconsistent. Maybe when it gets very busy it simply can't cope with the traffic and they need a server/processor upgrade?

I too have been having problems the last two days, including this morning. It does seem quite intermittent. Mostly fine, then not working for a day or two.

My S8200 hasn't been able to play on demand since the 5th Nov. I just get the TVNZ or Three logo. I've reset the box and my modem many times with no change. Current network speed is 26Mbps down and 30Mbps up. 

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