I have an S8200 which uses a Sky sateillite. I hadnt used it for a while Used to work fine but now it keeps switching off and rebooting.

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Hi Helen, 

That doesn't sound right! does it switch off after showing the SatBox/DISH TV logo? or is there no picture at all?


It loads and it will play the channel ie TV3 for about 30 seconds then the screen goes blank and there is just a lit up dot on the control panel.  It will go through this cycle continuously if I leave it switched on. 

Have switched off and on again and also tried a full factory reset.  

Good Afternoon Helen, 

Thanks for your reply, I have launched a ticket with DISH TV who manufacture your box with this information and they will be in touch via Email. It can take a couple of days before a DISH TV rep gets in touch. 


Josh @ Freeview 

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