Many are confused as to what unit they own is approved and which one is a cheap. 
This post should help you identify what a Approved Product looks like and comparison between the unapproved and Freeview models. 

1. The Product Box

Unapproved Units:

These will come in a range of sizes and colors, it may feature a picture of the product with the model and brand. However these will not feature any Freeview HD or Freeview Satellite logos 

Below is a photo of a unapproved box found on Trade Me:

Approved Units

These will come in a range of sizes and packaging too, but you will notice that the Freeview Logo will be on at least every side including the red banner that may be on a range of boxes. 
Below is a example of a box on a Dish-TV unit found on Trade Me:

2. The unit itself

Unapproved Units:

The Unit may be limited in functions on the front panel and will show a brand and model number with a DVB logo, Thats good news because it means its compliant with Satellite signals. However you can also tell its unapproved if there is no Freeview logo on the front panel

Such as this one:

Approved Units:

The panel will feature the brand make and model plus will have the Freeview logo with the service info on the front, such as the ones below:

There are a few receivers like the SOMMET products that may not feature a logo but will be certified by Freeview, you can see if you have a model that might have this here

3. The EPG (Electronic Program Guide)

Unapproved Units:

The unapproved units may have limited or no EPG service, this may because the manufacturer has created this to pack down the performance of the box, some listings may not appear correctly and could be out of time-zone. If you push the EPG the Freeview MHEG 5 EPG will not show up, instead a built in guide may appear. 

Approved Units:

These will feature a Freeview MHEG-5 EPG with 8 Day listings like the one below:

You can control using the color buttons on your remote . It is also used for recording if you have a PVR. 


Look for products that have the following logos on them which allows you to recognize the products you buy are Freeview Approved. 

What Products are Approved? Click Here for a list

Eco Friendly? Click Here for more information

Features of Approved Units? Click Here for a list

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